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Jun 19

Can I just get something off my chest?

CharrxHuman shipping, art, supporting whatever really freaks me the hell out.  Please, no.  Just no.  I don’t care if it’s a fantasy setting, bestiality is not okay. 

And I really hope it’s in no way canonically possible, because if Charr had any use for humans in uh… that way… it would open up all KINDS of Nightmare Fuel/Fridge Horror regarding the humans taken captive after the Searing.

Edit after reading through the butthurtfest: Woowww.  I love how all the Charr fanatics took this as xenophobic.  I like the Charr, they’re awesome, it’s the idea of them having sex with humans that bothers me.

Or the idea of anything humanoid having sex with anything non-humanoid, really.  If that makes me a prude, so be it.  If you’re seriously comparing interspecies sex to homosexuality please go away from the internet and fill your brain with an enormous dose of real world, thank you kindly.  In fact, if you’re even using the term “speciesist” without sarcasm I refuse to take you seriously.

As to non-sexual pairings, I suppose I should have been more clear.  I’ve got no problems with those.  (Guess I assumed that using the term ‘bestiality’ would get that across.)

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    My understanding of ‘bestiality’ was that it was sex between a human and non-human animal. Since every definition I can...
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    I can see what you mean - the size difference between the charr and humans are an instant obstacle. I worry for the...
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    Well, I’m sorry to say but… first of all it is xenophobic. See, the word ‘xeno’ means ‘alien, unusual, or strange’ and...
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    (sigh) Wonky Tumblr multi-quoting strikes again. The part I wanted to reply to was Citri’s reply about Tumblr Savior....
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    Not to mention Sylvari are by lore not even humanly warm, so it would be like hugging your tree that has feelings. And...
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    Do I really have to put on my “Charr Rights” pants? Charr are not ANIMALS. They are humanoids. Do people feel this way...
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    Joana pretty much got my feelings right there. Don’t ever stop being perfect.
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    ^ This.
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    Not to get super butthurt about a fantasy video game race, buuut… (inb4 furfag jokes) Charr are sentient to the point of...
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    reblobbin’ for my charr fan followers opinions